Our Church Today

The Central Baptist Church is located in the heart of downtown Perpignan, a city of about 300,000 people including the metropolitan area. Today we have about 30 church members, a dozen children, and around 20 regular and irregular visitors. There can be anywhere from 30-50 people in a Sunday worship service. On special occasions there may be up to 70 people.

The church has rented a former car garage of a downtown apartment building for about 30 years. In 1998, the owner decided to sell and we considered the possibility of buying the building. However, we lacked funds, which would not have given us any credibility to apply for a bank loan.

The current church building that we rent has a total surface area of about 1000 squared feet. There is a small nursery room, a small Sunday school room, a very tiny kitchen, and only one small bathroom. With our limited space, it is difficult to do two different age groups in our Sunday school class, or welcome visitors and families comfortably. Without any possible room to grow, we consider it necessary to think about changing church buildings in the future and actually becoming the owner of our own church building.