Our Project Goal

Ever since we decided that we wanted to one day become owners of our own church building, the church started to save monthly toward this goal. In 2009, the women decided to do a church fundraising cookbook. Although very common in the United States, producing a fundraising church cookbook is rather unique in France. This project took one year to create, cooking with the French church members and formatting the recipes into a cookbook. There were 2,000 copies printed in French and 1,500 were sold in the following two years via other French churches.

After editing the French version, we wanted to translate it into English in order to keep saving for a future church building. It would also give American churches an opportunity to support the Lord’s work in Perpignan, France. The cookbook took two years to translate, and every recipe in the book has been tested for final results.

So what kind of building are we looking for? We don’t have unrealistic goals like buying a large lot and building a huge church. Real estate prices in France are exorbitant! We would however like to find a small, abandoned grocery store building or something similar that we can renovate into a church building. We have our eye on one such grocery store. A couple years ago it was too expensive, but we hope the price will come down because it still has not sold. A building such as this one would be bigger and we could tailor the surface area to our needs. We could have many more side rooms for a proper nursery, Sunday school rooms, and more bathrooms! And the best part would be the parking lot. Right now, we have to drive around until we find a downtown parking spot. On some Sundays, when there are other downtown attractions, it is rather difficult to find a space. The government would also be more favorable to a church moving into the building if we had suitable parking. Whether it is this property or another that the Lord has reserved for us, we know He will provide when the time is right.