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The men and women of the Central Baptist Church in Perpignan, France are proud to present you with an authentic French-influenced church cookbook. Ninety percent of all proceeds will support our fundraising project to purchase a future church building for our worship services. We will give the other ten percent to a conservative Christian Camp in Larodde, France directed by missionary Tim Knickerbocker. This beautifully varied recipe book at a reasonable price is that perfect gift for your family, friends, and colleagues, for birthdays, Christmas, or any occasion!

We have chosen 70 of our best recipes, clearly explained in detail and colorfully displayed.
Here is a fundraising cookbook without the usual 10 different chocolate cake or potato salad recipes! This book has refreshing originality and variety. Keep in mind, this is not just a French cookbook with lots of strictly French recipes. This is a French-influenced cookbook with authentic recipes from around the world in addition to the French classics.

With every purchase of this beautiful fundraising cookbook, you are helping us toward our goal of purchasing our own church building for our worship services.

Price : $ 10

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